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Are you struggling to get through your divorce, parenting guilt, health, and money problems?


Ready to feel empowered through life's shitty situations and powerfully move past them like so many others have?



If your answer is YES, meet the 1 thing that will give you the 

unlimited support you need whenever life's shit hits your fan!


Think of it as your very own "Life Coach in a box".

(*No drama, No complaints, always there when you need to feel empowered, motivated, and inspired.) 


Your coach will help you learn:


How to release worry, guilt, stress, frustration, and anxiety.


How to give yourself permission to change.


New empowering habits and actions to manifest what you want.


How to take better care of your body to feel energetic and thrive.


How to reset negative thoughts keeping you from what you want.


Easy to use.

The deck is set up in chronological order as you begin your journey. Simply draw one card from the front and move it back when you're done then repeat. Need just a smidge of inspiration? Pick a card, any card and take in it's message that day.


We've all faced difficult times, and sometimes without any support. We also have friends or relatives who we know need help, but we don't know how to help or what to say! Now you do without saying a word and for less than $50!


12 weeks. 12 topics. 12 prompts to take action on and improve your life in ways that inspire you just one day at a time. Start each day ready to be empowered to change your shituation, and choose to live your life with a little more inspiration. 

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On a personal note.

We've also had our overfill of shitty times!

Including the death of a parent to cancer, depression, suicide attempts, physical self-harm, eating disorders, a miscarriage, a broken engagement, 3 divorces, and being broke, just to name a few...

We made it through all this shit and we didn't die. Instead, we used all the tools, prompts, guides, and practices in the "In a Shituation? card deck to help us get through it all, one day at a time.

You, my friend, and your friends, and their friends, CAN get through it too.

The waiting is over!

Let us help guide you through those hard times and into the life you see yourself living.

Much Love, Philip, and Nancy!

Get your deck today!

Did you know?

On average, it takes 22-66 days to develop a new habit.

Our thought patterns, both positive and negative, are also habits.

These thought habits lead to the actions we take and the words we speak which then lead to our present circumstances or shituation.

Therefore, if we want to better our lives and the shituations we face, we must first start with changing ourselves and the negative thoughts we habitually think.

So for 84 days we offer you empowering, inspiring, positive, and supportive thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and actionable steps that you can take to start making a massive positive shift in your life!

What people are saying

Nyla says:

"This deck works hand and hand with my journaling. Talk about synchronicity. Thank you both for all the work you put into this, I totally know this is right on time and in the “soul” pocket for me."

Grant says:

"These cards are full of beautiful and inspiring quotes both funny and intuitive I’m always looking forward to pulling the next card."

Bill M. says:

"I love the cards. I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s perfect for what I need right now ! It is methodical and easy to use. Other programs I’ve seen are too bogged down for me."

A Personal Development Program in a box for fifty bucks?

We created the "In a Shituation?" deck to help support and inspire your friends, family, (maybe even you too), and millions of other people to begin taking strides in a positive direction.

These decks give everyone easy access to 12 weeks of transformational life (with a touch of health) coaching for less than $50!

Our intention as life, health, and relationship coaches is to make personal development a daily habit that is

accessible, achievable, and affordable for every single human.

Get your deck today!

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