In a Shituation?

Guidance and Support through your Shituations!

Helping you create empowering daily habits that will attract love, friends, money, and the life you want!

If your life is a shit storm like divorce, midlife crisis, changing friendships, lack of money these inspiration cards are for you.

Life Coaching in a Box:

Your new bestie

Is your life a shit storm?

Does everyone else's life seem better than yours? Do they seem to have what you want?

Going through divorce, a break up, dating going wrong, crappy friendships, health problems?

12 weeks of life coaching in a box may be the answer you need to your problems. 

Private life coaching with Philip Tuner for people going through divorce, dating gone wrong, midlife crisis, single dads, and any shitty situation life has handed you.

Private 1-1 Coaching: 

with Philip

(Shituation Coach and Strategist)

Need 1-1 attention, solutions, and support for your shitty situation in the privacy of your home?

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