In a Shituation?

Focusing on the Only Thing You have Right Now!


WE ARE ADDICTED to making the past and future more important than what's going on in front of us right NOW.

This can create so much suffering and discomfort in our lives, not to mention the amount of stress that it has on our bodies.
Today, we wanted to share with you a few ways that you can maintain more presence and peace in different areas of your life.
1. Really LISTENING to others when they speak and allow yourself to respond once they are done saying what they have to say instead of only focusing on what you're going to say next. This is true of especially our children.
2. Practice not thinking so much. Meditation helps build this skill so you don't have to bring in past and future shit into the moment you're creating. Give NOW your full attention and care.
3. Try to have more meals without distraction from TV or phones. This one is even a challenge for both of us because we love snacking while we're watching our favorite anime but mindful eating helps us be mindful in other areas of our lives as well.
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Much Love, Philip, and Nancy
"Turn your shituation into inspiration"

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