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Hello and welcome! Nancy and Philip here and we wanted to share a little bit about our journey in attracting each other and how Art of Attraction was founded!

 Since the beginning, the odds were against us! We had been through our share of shitty situations and because of those we attracted more money, love, and abundance!

Hello I'm Nancy

Hello there, I'm Nancy and I have had the pleasure of being a TEDx Speaker, Founder of AOA, and Health & Life Strategist.

Are you good at failing when it comes to getting what you want in your life: more money, love, good health, or more business?

As I began looking back at all my hot mess of experiences: my mom's death, suicide attempts, bulimia, broke, jobless, dis-eased, depression, with two ex-husbands, I had to ask myself why had I attracted so shit I didn't want in my life, time and time again.

 What had been the elements of my struggle, stress, and anxiety

And more importantly, where could I find the tools, habits and skills that I needed to stop making the same mistakes, gain clarity, regain confidence, effectively communicate to attract, love, money, great health, and more clients deliberately? 

After years of trial and error, life and health coaching, the answers became apparent and it all had to begin with me learning how to master the Art of Attraction through self-mastery, daily habits, taking action towards my own growth, and so Art of Attraction was born.

Now I want to share what I learned with you!

If you find that your life is a HOT MESS full of shitty situations that follow you around like a cloud. Click the link below to get started with 84 days of prompts and inspiration. The same skills and ideas that helped me attract love, money, health, and clients.

Grateful you're here, Nancy

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Hello I'm Nancy

Hey, I'm Philip, Life Coach, Speaker, and Co-Founder of AOA.

Have you ever had days or nights where you feel like you’ll have a shitty life forever? I think it’s safe to say that we all have at some point. 

This was especially true for me after my divorce. I remember thinking to myself “If the person who knows me the most doesn’t want to be with me, then who the hell would?”  

I was convinced that my failed past relationships meant that I was  “unwanted”. This feeling carried on into all of my life's interactions not just with partners, but when it came to money, business and you can imagine how that went...downhill!

‚ÄčIt wasn’t until I was able to start really valuing myself on a deeper level that I was able to finally attract what I wanted in my life. Not only that, I also had to redefine what I wanted in my life”  and what it meant if other people didn’t approve of me. 

These were huge realizations for me that ultimately helped me gain the clarity I needed to know exactly what I wanted to attract, and how to do it. This also led to a big confidence shift inside me that enabled me to take action using Level 3 Communication.

 Each of these things are just pieces of the puzzle that eventually come together to reveal a beautiful work of art that attracts all of the right people, experiences, and wealth to it. 

 Join Nancy, me, and our AOA community, where we’ll show you how to leverage the beautiful work of art you already are as a magnet to attract what you want in your life.

Start now and click below to receive your very deck of inspiration that Nancy and I created especially for you. We give you life coaching in a box with 12 inspirational; prompts that you need to begin attracting better experiences into your life.

It changes everything!

 Much love, Philip

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