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Hello and welcome! Nancy and Philip here and we wanted to share a little bit about our journey in learning how to use the Art of Attraction to get what we wanted!

We had been through our share of shitty situations and because of tham, we learned the tools and skills that taught us how to attract more money, love, and abundance!

Hello I'm Nancy

Hello there, I'm Nancy and I have had the pleasure of being a TEDx Speaker, Founder of AOA, and Health & Life Strategist.

Are you good at failing when it comes to getting what you want in your life: more money, love, good health, or more business?

As I began looking back at all my experiences and the choices I had made because of those experiences: my mom's death, which led to suicide attempts, bulimia, poor financial decisions that led to being, jobless, dis-eased, depressed and with two ex-husbands, I had to ask myself why I had attracted so much shit I didn't want in my life, time and time again.

 What had been the elements of my struggle, stress, and anxiety

And more importantly, where could I find the tools, habits and skills that I needed to stop making the same mistakes, gain clarity, regain confidence, and learn how to effectively communicate to attract, love, money, and great health deliberately? 

After years of trial and error, working with clients and helping them in their personal lives and health, the answers became apparent.
It all had to begin with me and learning how to master the Art of Attraction through my own self-mastery, daily habits, and the 
actions I had to take toward my own growth.

Now I want to share every tool and skill I learned with you so you don't have to suffer through years of trail and error!

If you find that your life is a series of bad decisions because of all of those difficult circumstances you experienced, it's time for you to take charge of your life and make a change!

I invite you to begin by clicking the button below where Philip and I offer you FREE Tools and tips to help you learn how to attract what you want!

Grateful you're here, Nancy

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Hello I'm Nancy

Hey, I'm Philip, Life Coach, Speaker, and Co-Founder of AOA.

I'm a Personal Empowerment Coach who helps busy and stressed out individuals change their unconscious/unwanted patterns and habits so they can naturally redirect their lives towards more choice, freedom, and fulfillment. 

I've committed to doing this because most people's way of thinking, doing, and being doesn't actually align with what's important and meaningful to them. I find this lack of congruence in our lives being the main reason for people's unhappiness, suffering, and dissatisfaction with life.

I see most people struggle with the addiction to who they THINK they are including thought habits, behaviors, and emotional responses. 

The 3 biggest things I see people struggle with are:

1. They are run solely by their emotions of the past which dictates their unconscious behaviors. This is true even when people think they're being logical.
2. Their unconscious programming or conditioning throughout their lives have installed disempowering mindsets and ways of thinking/being/doing that don't support what they truly want.
3. Their conscious and unconscious minds are not on the same page. Their conscious mind says they want "X" and their unconscious mind takes control to give them "Y" or just more of what they've always gotten.

So, how can I help?

Well, the first thing I would recommend is to download my FREE training to go from self-sabotage to success here >>

I have helped numerous clients overcome the above challenges by:

✅ Guiding them to release negative emotions and disempowering beliefs that chain them to the past.
✅ Installing new strategies and empowering mindsets that naturally align with what they DO want.
✅ Find congruence in their thoughts, words, actions, and values to shine light on their path to success any area of their lives.

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you then please connect with me and/or find out more by visiting


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