In a Shituation?


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Your journey to healing, forgiveness, and happiness 

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Did you know it's physically, and mentally impossible to heal your heart or even think about being happy if you're in constant

fight or flight mode?

Below are stages you go through when you're stressed out all the time.
There is no room for happiness or healing.:(


What is possible is making a choice for your positive change.

A change with simple feel-good practices that will begin healing your heart, help you learn how to forgive yourself and others, and finally feel happy.

 Are you ready to let that shit go?

Take the first step and learn how to Reduce Stress and Fatigue first, and avoid any more breakdowns or burn-outs!


Your FREE go-to guide to reducing stress, anxiety & fatigue in 7 Days
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Learn practices to reach your most passionate goals.
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Meet your very own personal life coach in a box for the next 12 weeks!


 This 4x8 box of awesomeness will do 3 things:

1. Show you how YOU CAN powerfully overcome whatever shitty situation you're going through and give you clarity.

2. Help you see the world with new eyes and open up new opportunities for you through positive daily practices.
3. Bring you more joy, happiness and goodness than you imagined possible.

This deck of 84 daily cards offers you guidance, perspective, support, action prompts, and encouragement to help you turn your shitty situation into a life of joy, abundance, and health.

We have been told that they are fun, impactful, simple, and unlike anything anyone has seen so far!

We agree, but don't beleive us, try it for yourself.

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{Disclaimer: Results are based on those willing to step outside of their comfort zone and do the work:}

Yes, I'm ready!

If you're really serious about crazy results...


You can coach with Philip 1-1 where you can receive personalized guidance and attention on a weekly basis.


Release the baggage that has been weighing you down and keeping you stuck in the never-ending hamster wheel of stress, worry, dissatisfaction, incongruence, emotional fog, and more of the same all over again.


Our sessions are about you and guiding you to the joy, love, abundance, wealth, or health that you truly deserve.


Let's get started clearing up those trapped emotions and beliefs that have been running you for so long so you can make room for what's meaningful in your life.


Book your FREE session to see if we're a good fit for each other.

Coach w/ Philip

1 & 3 Month Packages Available

  • Emotional Detox
  • Release Disempowering Beliefs
  • Change Unconscious Habits
  • Adopt Positive Behaviors
  • Internalize Empowering Perspectives
  • Set Positive Goals For The Future
  • Become Aware of Unconscious Negative Reactions
  • Find Alignment in Your Thoughts, Words, and Actions
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